We have gotten pretty attached to our "creature comforts" around our ranch. Oh sure, the home we live in is great, but it's the creatures that live here and visit that I'm referring to. 

In our family, it doesn't take much for an animal to win over our hearts. Basically we meet them or they walk onto our property and we are hooked.  That is certainly apparent from the growing number of these furry and feathery souls occupying our barn and home right now. 

From our beautiful horses...

Tessa giving Roxy a flower makeover

Snuggling with Tanner

Our herd...Half Shy, Roxy, Rocket, and Tanner

Rocket, Roxy, Tanner, and Half Shy

Our energetic dogs...

Gracie playing in the water

Z and Gracie taking a break on our hike

Nina and Nikki
To our spoiled rotten barn cats...and I do use the word "barn cats" very loosely - they are great mousers, but do love their creature comforts.

Max and Lulu snuggling on Dad's chair
Max eyeing a bird in the tree

Lulu (And now I know why my plant wasn't growing)
And of course, you can't forget our chickens...

Our dear friend Kathy with a few of our chickens from our flock - they love the attention
 and our bunnies...

Our rescued rabbit Prince, who is pushing 10 pounds now!

Prince's buddy...Captain Jack 

To even the unexpected visitor that will stop by now and then...

We have several turtle saves a year
My husband found this little guy in the garden. 

This little goose just wandered onto the property one day, extremely friendly and hungry.
He spent some time with us and off he went. Hoping he comes back for a visit soon.
We get excited to meet each and every animal that has come into our lives. We never take for granted even the littlest of our visitors. We feel blessed to have encountered each and every one of them. 

The barn swallow babies struggling to learn how to fly, the occasional salamander on a rainy night, even the unique caterpillars, butterflies, and bugs that drop by. 

Fledgling Barn Swallow

Saddle back caterpillar

They build such amazing webs!

We get so many hummingbird visitors each year, and every year some manage to get trapped in our garage..
We have become experts at getting them out. They are always so grateful they usually pause for a photo. 
There is always a new creature making it's way on to our ranch and into our hearts. (I could do without the snakes, but...they do eat the barn mice, notice no pictures of those.)
It always so much fun walking the property and encountering a new creature just hanging around. 

Fence Post Lizard

Praying Mantis
Having friends and family over to share in our blessings make it all the better. Watching someone interact with our flock of chickens, pet the velvety nose of one of our horses, or get licked by one of our extremely excited labs (or horses) makes our souls happy. 

Watching their faces light up is a reminder of what a wonderful, beautiful, and blessed life we have and how much we enjoy sharing it with others.


Rocket is a bit of a lover...
Our barn doors and our hearts are always open to those creatures that want to visit, both animal and human. ;) We will feed them, love them, and miss them when they move on; but we will forever be changed by their presence and grateful for the time we spend with them. 

Each and every creature, every person who has stepped foot on our property, has forever etched a place in our hearts and our family.

During a sun shower the other day, I tried capturing the beautiful rainbow that appeared in our backyard.

I wasn't able to get my camera going quick enough to capture it at its vivid peak, however if you look ever so closely you can see the faint colors that remain.

As the rainbow started to fade away and the dark skies took over a bit, I went to our front yard to capture the moment thinking it would make a nice contrast against our home.

I just started snapping pictures. When I went back inside to look at how they came out, I was in awe.

Maybe you won't see it, but just above the center of our home, to the right of the very faint remnants of the rainbow is, what I think looks like, an eye looking upward.

Now, I know it's cloud playing tricks on my perception of it, but when you pray for God's direction, His divine guidance in your life, and ask for Him to show you his will...and He not only brings a sun shower to wash away the doubt, but He gives you a rainbow, and to me, a clear picture of what I should be doing...looking upward...to Him.

Wow! God is good!

And for those that can't see it, maybe this will help...

Just because you can't physically see something, touch it, or speak face to face...doesn't mean it isn't there.God loves us, He is always with us, even when our skies are their darkest...He wants us to look to Him.

Have a blessed day!

Oh what a wonderful time of year. Everything that was once at rest is now alive. The gray and lifeless trees are sprouting new growth. The earth is rejuvenating and cycling back around.

Walking through the property I get subtle hints of sweet fragrances...lavender, hyacinth, and fresh new grass. It awakens my mind from its wintry slumber. My eyes are taking in all of the bright new colors that surround me as I watch the earth slowly come back to life.

I am always left in awe at the beauty all around me and find myself walking, arms outstretched, smile on my face, looking up to the heavens thanking God for all of this wondrous beauty that brings such joy to my spirit.

The trees, the grasses, the flowers, and yes even the weeds. 

Dragonflies are making a comeback...

Bees are busy pollinating the flowers 'er weeds...but that's OK! They are doing what God made them to do, and I am thankful for all of those dandelions blowing in the wind. 
(Maybe not so much for my husband) 

The smell of the earth, the sound of blue birds chirping and building their nests, I can't seem to get enough! Sigh...

May your day be blessed, your spirit be touched, and your eyes be awakened to the beauty that surrounds you. Today is a gift, open it and enjoy it.

My kids have made fun of me (on more than one occasion I might add)... "Mom look there's a leaf...you better take a picture of it!" Well, I usually do. 

I am in awe of nature and find beauty all around me. Quite simply...nature is cool! 

Whether it is the dew on the fence...

or dew dripping on the wildflowers like diamonds...

I see beauty everywhere I look. Yes even in the water trough.

We set out on a hike one day and I was giddy with excitement at all of the cool mushrooms I found! One more beautiful than the next!

On a frosty morning I find beauty in those little frozen crystals.

Nature even makes the best patterns!

Nature provides beauty in every season...

Spring and summer give way to vibrant colors and lots of interesting creatures.

Fall holds onto the colors as long as it can before its winter nap...


  And even in winter, and among all the white snow and barren trees, you find beauty...

Take time to explore your surroundings, you won't be disappointed. 

All of the pictures on this post are just from around our property, I feel so blessed to have so much beauty all around me just waiting for me to find it. 

Take time to breathe in your surroundings...

Every sunrise and sunset...


Every cloud in the sky...

Even the stormy skies hold beauty...

God gave us a magnificent world, and you do not have to travel far to admire it...
for me and my family...it's our own backyard. 


 I challenge you to go out today and find out just how cool nature really is!