It's been awhile since I have posted, for many reasons, but the biggest reason is we had been busy searching for our next home, a small ranch that we could live on and finally bring our horses to be with us.

We had always wanted property, and had looked many times over the years. However, when the horses came into our lives, it became an obsession with us to to not just find "some property" but to finally find our "country home". 

A place for running around barefoot and free, rolling around on the grass, pausing only to point out the cloud animals drifting by.

A place far enough out so that you can look up at the night sky and see an endless amount of stars. A fun and playful homestead to have cookouts, bonfires, hayrides and country parties.

A wild enough place, not touched by the city, to go trekking through nature and capture all of it's beauty.

A place where my husband and I could grow old together sipping iced tea on a porch swing.

A place to watch as our kids grow up, comeback to visit and bring their friends, and some day bring our grand kids to visit.

A place where our horses could run and we could see them everyday, without driving anywhere, we could see them just by looking out our bedroom window.


Half Shy and Roxy

Well, after a long (very long, like in several years) and tireless search (just ask our realtor, nothing felt like "the one") we finally found it, our very own "country home".

We would have some work cut out for us...there was a beautiful home on the acreage, but no fenced pastures, no barn...but it had all that we needed to make our home into what we now call...

Lost Creek Ranch. 

Tessa enjoying the view from our back porch.

We moved in this summer, and haven't stopped working since. It was a HOT summer! A sweaty, and often times tense environment, of putting in fence posts, pasture fencing and all that goes along with getting a ranch started.

My awesome husband breaking up the rock we kept encountering while digging.
 I'll have you know that is a "two man" auger and I was the "other man" working it.
Can you say girl power!?
Roxy always wanting to help.

The barn is finally up...

...but now the stall building has started. It is a slow go since my husband is doing it himself, after work and on the weekends.

He has the back and sides done, we have temporary fronts on while he works on building the stall fronts. Progress is good! Next, electric in the barn!

We are ALL loving every minute of it!

Tessa, Sean and Samantha

Tessa on our trampoline with our dogs;
Gracie, our yellow lab and Nina and Nikki, our Chihuahuas.
In our spare time (aka when not working on the barn, fencing, house or the yard) we try to enjoy our surroundings.

Even if that means from the seat of the tractor or lawn mower...

 or...a tree stand.

Even bringing home our first load of hay felt great!

Using our fire pit for the first time.

Songs by the campfire or in the kitchen...

Of course we had to get a few barn cats!

Max and Lorelai

We love to take hikes and explore our new surroundings and on our hikes we admire how cool nature truly is. 

And on every hike we discover another reason why this was the perfect place for us and we love it here.

We enjoy working out doors. (and playing)

It has been a true joy watching as the seasons changed from summer...

to fall... winter on the ranch. 

Each season bringing us new adventures and wonderful memories that will last us a lifetime.

We are so incredibly blessed to have found our little Lost Creek Ranch and we look forward to all that it and He has in store for us in the years to come.