Fall is such a unique season. It is full of life, vibrant colors, and busy wildlife. It is a time of long walks, comfy sweaters, and bonfire nights.

It reminds me of my parents, who are no longer with me.

It reminds me of the possibilities that we have in our life.

Trees release so that they may create new life, they feed the critters, and allow us to admire their beauty. What once was alive, falls into a slumber, only to awaken in a new season.

Fall is constantly popping up new wonders...

Life and decay come together to create magnificent works of art.

It is the start of the holiday season, and gatherings of family and friends.

It is a time to be thankful, a time to make new plans, and the perfect time to reinvent ourselves.

It also reminds me that I have a ton of things on my bucket list, that often I feel like I will never get to. For many reasons, like lack of money, life circumstance, or simply the lack of my own motivation.

Or maybe it's because I think I am supposed to be in a certain place, but in reality, the timing just isn't right for me yet.

Regardless, I like to create bucket lists of small things I can do everyday. To live in the moment, to be happy right where I am, to live in the metaphorical season I am in.

I feel like I am always in transition, hoping to come out of this season with a new understanding of who I am and what my purpose is. It seems to be a never ending search at times. My passions tend to get put to the side and life takes over.

But that's OK.

I realize that I can't force things, that my path isn't always straight, it might even feel like I am repeating the same thing over and over, going in a never ending circle.

But my life is not dictated by me, in His timing I will end up where I was meant to be all along.

Writing things down, like a fall bucket list, helps to take my mind off of what I can't control, and grounds me into the moment I am in.

Until we can learn to enjoy those simple things in life, the small everyday moments, of every season of our lives, we are not truly living.

Maybe, just maybe, we have to be happy right where we are, no matter the circumstance, before we can move forward. It might not be where we want to be or thought we would be, but we need to trust that it is all part of His perfect plan.

What's on your bucket list?

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