During a sun shower the other day, I tried capturing the beautiful rainbow that appeared in our backyard.

I wasn't able to get my camera going quick enough to capture it at its vivid peak, however if you look ever so closely you can see the faint colors that remain.

As the rainbow started to fade away and the dark skies took over a bit, I went to our front yard to capture the moment thinking it would make a nice contrast against our home.

I just started snapping pictures. When I went back inside to look at how they came out, I was in awe.

Maybe you won't see it, but just above the center of our home, to the right of the very faint remnants of the rainbow is, what I think looks like, an eye looking upward.

Now, I know it's cloud playing tricks on my perception of it, but when you pray for God's direction, His divine guidance in your life, and ask for Him to show you his will...and He not only brings a sun shower to wash away the doubt, but He gives you a rainbow, and to me, a clear picture of what I should be doing...looking upward...to Him.

Wow! God is good!

And for those that can't see it, maybe this will help...

Just because you can't physically see something, touch it, or speak face to face...doesn't mean it isn't there.God loves us, He is always with us, even when our skies are their darkest...He wants us to look to Him.

Have a blessed day!