per·spec·tive   /pərˈspektiv/A particular attitude toward or a way of regarding something; a point of view.

Today as I was walking through our property admiring all that is coming to life this Spring; I happened upon a batch of wildflowers that popped up in our flower beds. 

They weren't there last year,or the year before, they just kind of showed up. They were speckled throughout the garden bed, weaving in between the ornamental grasses, and spilling over unto the lawn like a gentle flowing brook. They were beautiful.

Sure, they may be wildflowers, some may even call them weeds, but I felt blessed that they popped up where they did. 

As I smiled, and of course, took a picture, I thought to myself; I guess it is all in your perspective isn't it? 

I mean, I see them as a beautiful addition to the garden, yet others might see them as a weed that popped up and now they have a another chore added to their to do list.

As we go through life, each of us will see things in a different perspective. I guess you could say I am more of a glass half full, instead of a glass half empty, kind of gal. 

I see the beauty that is all around me; in a wildflower, a smile, a simple kind word or action. Or, even in how a leaf managed to land on a freshly poured driveway and left behind a beautiful impression in the concrete as it dried.

I think it's kind of cool that even though the leaf may be gone, I can still enjoy it. 


Everyday I am grateful for the little things in grass, the chirp of a songbird,  a roof over my head, food on my table, a wonderful family... SO MANY BLESSINGS! When I am feeling overwhelmed with tasks, I remember, I am grateful for BEING ALIVE and able to do those tasks.

So, I challenge you today, and everyday, to see the tasks that you have to do, not as tasks, but as blessings. Remember, YOU ARE ALIVE and able to do those tasks!

Change your perspective. 

I challenge you to stop and truly take in your surroundings. It might be a cool cloud formation, rows of newly planted flowers outside your office, a cool pattern in the sidewalk, or the way the rain beads off of your window. Maybe someone paid for your coffee, opened the door for you, or smiled when you needed it the most. There are times when you may have to look harder to find it, but it is there. There is BEAUTY EVERYWHERE and always something to be GRATEFUL for. 

Too often we go through life with our heads down, looking at our smart phones, consumed with what is going on in our own lives and on our metaphorical plates; that we can't be bothered to look up at what is going on around us. 

Well, I say LOOK UP!

I challenge you to make eye contact with every person you cross paths with, say hello, give them a compliment, or just smile. That smile could be the one thing that keeps them going. Even in the most desperate times, you can find beauty, hope, and kindness in something as simple as a smile. 

Be the person that takes the first step, be grateful, hold open the door, say hello, volunteer...just be kind...and watch the kindness spread like wildflowers!