Wait! What just happened?! I blinked and we went from this...

to this...

And yes, she does know that the gloves go on her hands, I believe she was trying to make a statement here. Not quite sure what that statement was...none the less, it is starting to get cold. 

Then today...

Our first real snow fall of the season. Yay! Booo! Hisss! 

I have mixed emotions obviously. It is quite beautiful, I actually enjoy a good snowfall, I like that part. 

Everything is white, quite, still, it's calming. 

It's the, what's ahead of us part, I don't like...

The barren trees and frigid temps for the next several months. 


Although, I guess for now I will shut up, quit complaining, count my blessings and just enjoy it. 

It does make for some great pictures...

Actually, it really was the perfect day...and the best part...I got to spend it with this guy... 

23 years ago today I married my best friend, my soul mate...my husband and today we celebrated that love during our first snowfall of the season. 

Sigh... I'm blessed. 

Now I have to go help this little nugget get out of those wet clothes. You know it's tradition to make a snowman out of the first snowfall of the season.

Doesn't he resemble Olaf? 
Warm hugs to everyone! 


To me, autumn is a wondrous season. It is a time of transition, a time of change and a time to renew myself spiritually.

The beauty that comes with this season is just breathtaking. To watch as the trees transition from green, to yellow, oranges, reds...   

It's a lot like our life isn't it? We  live in cycles, ever changing, one completely different than the last or the next. 

I find myself getting lost in the colors of the season, the idea of change, the new chapters in my life yet to come and all of the possibilities that surround me. 

I thank God for all that He has given me, and my family, and for giving us such a beautiful season to live. 

However, it can be a bit overwhelming at times. It's hard to focus in on just one thing that I want to change, to do, to accomplish...

There are so many things I have yet to do, that I want to do, where do I start? It can be hard to take that first step.

Seasons change so quickly, just as life moves us forward so quickly. 

But if we never take that first step, if we never explore the possibilities or take a chance and venture down an unfamiliar path now and then, we may never know the wonderful things He has in store for us around the bend. 

Don't let life pass you by. Open your eyes to the season that surrounds you now. Take time to dream about your life and think of ways to make your wishes and your dreams come true. Step out in faith and take a chance on an unfamiliar path. 

I enjoy soul searching, evaluating my life and realizing that I have so much more to offer, to accomplish, to achieve. 

Setting it all in motion, taking that first step, looking at what you have to do to get there...that is the hardest part. 

But you can do it! Believe in yourself, trust in God, and have faith in Him and in YOU. There is no obstacle you cannot overcome. He will never lead you down a path that doesn't give you strength, or skills or wisdom to conquer what's ahead; and it is never to late to start something new.  

After all, we are the authors of our own lives. 

Find what inspires you. Overcome your "writers block" those obstacles that are slowing you down. Surround yourself with people that will encourage you and help you write those new chapters in your life. Don't be afraid to separate yourself from the people that pull you down. 

Do those things that make your heart sing, your soul breathe and your spirit feel alive. It is a time to write a few new chapters in your life!

Find your inspiration!