Oh what a wonderful time of year. Everything that was once at rest is now alive. The gray and lifeless trees are sprouting new growth. The earth is rejuvenating and cycling back around.

Walking through the property I get subtle hints of sweet fragrances...lavender, hyacinth, and fresh new grass. It awakens my mind from its wintry slumber. My eyes are taking in all of the bright new colors that surround me as I watch the earth slowly come back to life.

I am always left in awe at the beauty all around me and find myself walking, arms outstretched, smile on my face, looking up to the heavens thanking God for all of this wondrous beauty that brings such joy to my spirit.

The trees, the grasses, the flowers, and yes even the weeds. 

Dragonflies are making a comeback...

Bees are busy pollinating the flowers 'er weeds...but that's OK! They are doing what God made them to do, and I am thankful for all of those dandelions blowing in the wind. 
(Maybe not so much for my husband) 

The smell of the earth, the sound of blue birds chirping and building their nests, I can't seem to get enough! Sigh...

May your day be blessed, your spirit be touched, and your eyes be awakened to the beauty that surrounds you. Today is a gift, open it and enjoy it.