You've heard the idioms before...

Actions speak louder than words

A penny for your thoughts

Ball is in your court

Every cloud has a silver lining

Not playing with a full deck
(Oh yeah we all know a few of those!)

Watch where your going not where you've been
(Wait, I said that to my kids when they walked into something.)

Anyway, last week while out at the chicken coop gathering eggs, I looked down at my basket and chuckled. My mom's words I had heard so many times while growing up echoed in my head...

Don't put all of your eggs in one basket...

Ha! I couldn't possibly carry all of these at once! (No worries, I'm usually the only one that gets my jokes.) I stood here looking at this basket full of eggs, grinning and it made me think...

Sometimes, you just have to go all in don't ya? I mean, sure be diversified with investing your hard earned cash, don't rely on one single stream of income, don't tie up all of your money in your house, blah, blah, blah, being an adult is so boring sometimes.

But if you never go all in, never put all of your eggs in one basket and just go for'll never know! Wow, I was walking back to the house feeling empowered! Ready for an adventure!

I did mention in my last post about feeling the big 50 quickly approaching and the empty nest looming over me in the not so distant future.

So we went to the RV show over the weekend...of course!

What if we just sold it all?! Maybe buy a small house (not a tiny house, I'm not that far along yet!) and bought an RV and just traveled around the United States!? I have always envied those people, they pack up their lives in a couple of backpacks, and trek out into the unknown. Those adventures always look so amazing!

I mean, sure, it is like Facebook and Instagram amazing, but it must be all sunshine and roses right, social media like never lies about that stuff. So why can't we do that? I mean, really, why not?

Oh wait, because my husband reminded me on the way home, after the high of seeing all the cool RV's wore off, that we don't always do so good in cramped spaces. Being confined in an RV together would most likely end in divorce or someone getting "left behind" and not making it back from the adventure.

And you know, there are a few of those "things" I have grown so attached to; the chair I fall asleep in every night, two closets (sorry Sam!), my fall boots! I mean, yes I need all of them! The five drawers in the bathroom filled with necessities, boxes and boxes of pictures that I am going to put into a scrap day...some day...OK probably never. Boxes of undeveloped film dating back from like when I was 20! (I'm waiting on a coupon of course.)

Just in case you thought i was exaggerating....this is one bin!

Then there is the stuff my husband, our daughter, and the older two have to keep. I have stuff from all three of the kids in the basement, safely tucked into boxes they will probably never open.

How many times have I gone through the same boxes in the basement, hoping to get rid of, sell, donate and cut it all down by half only to walk to my trash can with a single bag of garbage and a deflated feeling of accomplishment. Or moved the same unused stuff from house to house. It all has sentimental value!

Ahhhh so much stuff! We are a few boxes short of being hoarders.

I couldn't possibly pack up everything into an RV anyway, who am I kidding?

Not to mention all of the animals meandering through our property. Who would we get to feed our small zoo?

But it would be an amazing adventure. Right?! Heck, we would probably make a great reality show. What all not to do when confined in a small RV trekking across America on some hair brained adventure you decided to do during a mid life crisis. Holy crap! That's it, I'm having a mid life crisis! How's that for Facebook life vs.reality folks!

Perhaps it's best if I stick to collecting literal eggs in my basket and keep everything else the way it is for right now. Someday, I will take the leap, Steven and I will get rid of the "stuff", put all of our eggs in one basket, and trek off on an adventure. Most likely once the empty nest arrives...just not today.

Can you believe all of this came from collecting eggs out at the chicken coop? Think twice before getting chickens my friends...think twice!

Walking around the property this morning I came across this tiny nest that must have fallen from the tree above.

So much care was taken to weave it...colorful twine, fur for warmth, it was a perfect little home. But here it laid on the ground...empty.

Time goes by incredibly fast, too fast. I guess I am starting to feel the "empty nest" creeping up on me in our own home. Yes we still have one at home and yes she's only 12, but she is quickly growing into a beautiful young lady before our eyes. One day she will leave us with an empty nest. ((Sigh))

(However, based on the completely unreasonable dating rules we have set for her, that shouldn't be until she's 30.)

Oh how I wish my mom was still with me, to hug her once more and to tell her that she was right and that I finally get it. All of those milestones I just couldn't wait to reach; "I wish I was 10, 13, 16, 18, 21..." Those have quickly turned into, "Wait, what happened to 30?...40?..."

Now as I look at this empty nest laying on the ground, I think ahead to the ever so quickly approaching chapter 50 in my life. How did it fly by so quickly?

It's a gentle reminder, a reminder that I am blessed with another chapter. And also a reminder that tomorrow's wishes, those things you always wanted to do, the places you said you would always's time...time to do it all. Time to start on that bucket list!

Let me tell ya, I plan on making the second half of my life book a page turner full of family, friends, new adventures, and lots of laughter! Bring it on!