per-spec-tive- a particular attitude toward or a way of regarding something; a point of view.

Life is all about perspective. Optimists, pessimists, we all view things differently, and that's okay!

My family teases me sometimes because I like to take pictures of everything...e v e r y t h i n g ...leaves, bugs, a spiders web, mushrooms...I see beauty everywhere!

Let me ask you...

When you see a field of dandelions, do you see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes?

When you see a lawn of clover, do you see a menace to your lawn, more work on your plate for the weekend, or a place to look for a lucky four leaf clover?

When you see a ring of mushrooms pop in your yard after the rain, do you see a fungus or a magical mushroom ring?

When you change your perspective, it opens your eyes to see the beauty that is all around you.

Yes, there is beauty in that mushroom ring, trust me, you just have to pause for a moment and open your mind to it.

I knew my husband wouldn't be fond of the mushroom ring in his lawn (however he is the one that told me to take a picture of it, before he mowed it down of course). I did take a picture of course, and when I showed it to our daughter she found it so fascinating. She went from it being just a cool looking mushroom (it opened up to be bigger than my hand!), to a fairy ring, to a door to another dimension (Google is crazy sometimes!) but the joy I got watching her...(sigh)'s truly in your perspective people!

I will say my husband left it there longer than I thought he would to. ;)

I challenge you to change your perspective.

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